10 Creative Ways To Step Up Your Gift Giving Game With Ref Magnets And Stickers

We can all agree that 2020 has been a rough year for all of us. What’s important is to remind your loved ones that they are in your thoughts amid the coronavirus pandemic. Being there for each other is needed now more than ever in these trying times but that isn’t always possible as social distancing and staying at home is the new normal. That being said, you may want to remind someone they are cared for with a special gift. What better way is there than to add a personalized touch?

Here at Printstrix we specialize in preserving your special memories through personalized stickers and magnets. With our products, you and your loved ones can stay connected, despite being apart. We gathered a few fun ideas on how you can use them as gifts that are sure to be cherished for a long time to come, even in quarantine.

1. Face Fridge Magnets & Stickers

Upgrade your selfie game by having them made into magnets or stickers! You can have them made with your own face, but you can also add another face into the magnet, to make it extra special. Either way, there is no better way to show your loved ones that you are there for them than being actually there for them.

2. Personalized Care Packages 

Even though we are all isolating from each other, one way of caring for another person despite the long distance is care packages. Care packages may be either spa/relaxation gift sets, first aid and illness kits, or specific ones such as postpartum & chemotherapy care kits. Add a personal touch with our custom face stickers! Stick them on the surface of any item; they’re sure to know that you’re thinking about them.

3. Kiddie Labels

Kids love putting their names on everything they own, whether it’s their books, notebooks, toy boxes, and other personal belongings. Up the ante by making kiddie labels with face stickers! You can even use them to label the gifts. This is a fun and quirky gift that the kids (and kids at heart) are sure to love!

4. Personalized Home Decor Ornaments

Trim your Christmas tree with what Christmas is truly about: your loved ones. You can customize any ornament with cherished memories of your loved ones, making your home decors much more special. 

5. Personalized Pots for the Plantitos & Plantitas

People are now considering plants as the new pets! If you are planning on gifting a plantito or plantita, they will surely love these personalized plant pots! These are a fun way to dress up their leaf babies.

6. Family Portrait Fridge Magnets

No more drilling holes into walls or taking up space for a framed family photo. Family Portrait Fridge Magnets are the way to go! This unique gift is a great way to remind you what matters most in your home and can be placed on any metal surface.

7. Fandom Sticker Packs

Everybody is part of a fandom one way or another so there is no messing up on this one! You can have a customized sticker pack of your favorite Kpop Idols, movie, tv and anime characters, as well as references to your favorite shows. Stick them anywhere and be a proud fan!

8. For the Furparents 

Pet Face Stickers and Magnets are our best-sellers here at Printstrix! Any fur parent can’t get enough of their little furry cuties, so these are a sure winner when given as gifts!

9. ....and unfurry babies too!

Oh, we don’t limit our services to cat and dog owners only. We have also made stickers and magnets for pets of any kinds, from rodents and fish, to birds and turtles. All our animal family members deserve all the love too!

10. Sticker Signatures

Last but not least, and probably our favorite, ‘sign’ your greeting cards and Thank You notes with your faces! This fun and unique way to show your personality is not only very personal but really memorable! Nobody forgets a card that’s signed with your silly face. Our stickers definitely bring a whole new meaning to ‘personalization’. From greeting cards to thank you notes, these personal touches will definitely bring a smile to your loved one’s face.

With Printstrix, the options are endless! Check out our product catalog here!


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Printstrix aims to spread a lot of smiles and love by creating handmade fridge magnets and sticker sheets of your favorite faces. With our products, you and your loved ones can stay connected, despite being apart.

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