How to Wash Your Personalized Pillows

Pillows, like any other bedding or decor item, will eventually attract unwanted grime and bacteria and will be in need of a proper clean once in a while. But as difficult as it may sound, caring for your pillow isn’t hard. In fact, you can make your pillow look good as new, and smell fresh by giving it a quick wash.

We've created a guide to help walk through how to clean and properly maintain your pillows.

Machine Washable

Our custom pillow is 100% machine washable, which means no worries about washing them by hand unwantedly.

  • Machine wash: Medium-Warm in delicate cycle.
  • Do not press to prevent deformation.
  • Air-dry is suggested, although machine dry will work too.

Wash your pillow with cold water to protect its dynamic tones.

You may add clothing with comparable tones to help balance the washer. And this will keep your pillow from being tossed around the washer to an extreme.

At the point when you eliminate your pillow from the clothes washer, you may see that the state of the pillow may look disfigured because of the fiber being lopsided. To fix the shape, you should push down and uniformly convey the wool across the whole pillow.

Methods of Drying Your Pillow

Machine Drying

Unlike clothes and other accessories, the pillows require the slightest temperature in order not to defect them.

  • Put the custom pillow in your dryer
  • Set the dryer at the lowest temperature
  • After 1 min check if the pillow has been dried from all sides
  • Avoid too much spin in the dryer to retain the quality of the pillow

After removing the pillow from the dryer, press and manipulate it to spread the stuffing equitably.

Natural Air-Drying

If you choose not to do machine-drying, then the natural air and sunlight drying method will work too!

Just expel the water out of the pillow as much you can get by hand.

After that, let it dry in the air and sunlight. It will take a maximum of 1-4 hours, depending upon conditions.

So, just like you, your pillow needs some TLC every so often. Your pillow will accumulate dust, bacteria, and dust over time-- and that’s totally normal! With proper care and cleaning, your pillow will bring you joy for many years to come.